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The Point Baptist Church, is a member of the Baptist Union of Tasmania.

We believe the Holy Bible is the infallible word of God through which humanity can discover the amazing promises of our Creator. The main message of the Bible is God's amazing love for us expressed through sending His son Jesus Christ to save us from the mess we have gotten ourselves and the world into because of our rebellion against him.

Every person can be saved through repentance and turning back to God. We want to help you discover God's desire to connect with you. Contact us and learn more about the power of God's love.

Our doctrines are typical conservative Baptist evangelical Christianity based on the finished work of Jesus Christ, the son of God (who is God) who came to earth as a man, died on a Roman cross to conquer sin and death by rising from the dead and who is physically coming back for all those who believe in Him.

We reflect on the victory of Jesus on the cross by celebrating communion each week.

We believe:

  • in the triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
  • in the need for personal repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ to be saved for eternity
  • in the coming judgement of all mankind by Jesus Christ (every knee shall bow before Him)
  • that there is no other way to salvation except through Jesus Christ
  • the offer of salvation through Christ is for all people no matter where you are at in life
  • the commandment to tell others the good news of Jesus Christ
  • that faithful followers should meet regularly in fellowship together

We aim to hold our services in a family friendly and welcoming manner. However if you are uncertain about church, make contact with us and we will come to you and share with you God's word, the basics of Christianity or help you within our means, in any way we can.

Visit the Creation Discovery Centre

The Creation Discovery Centre on Inspection Head Wharf Beauty Point is an exciting display of scientific evidence for creation. World class fossils from Tasmania and around the world, a fast stalactite generator, theatrette, Noah's Ark model and many other interesting exhibits showing the truth of the history of the world. For more information go to

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